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Imagine a place where you can receive insightful fitness advice, diet & nutritional strategies that work; motivational speaking that inspires you to live your dreams; diverse sports commentary & analysis and, finally, the most incredible uptempo music that will motivate you to the highest levels in your work-outs while transporting an individuals' overall health to levels you never experienced before. Sound to good to be true?

My name is Dean Curry, President & Founder of, " Uptempo Sports Fitness Radio. 

   Our radio station is a talk show by day featuring the very best in the health and well-being arena in areas of fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, massage, motivational speaking, and diverse sports commentary in american professional football that can be heard for your enjoyment, or used effectively in league championship play in fantasy football.

At night, we will showcase some of the most motivating uptempo music that will help elevate your exercise routines to levels you have never reached before. We will feature: old school disco, Motown, pop songs, upbeat rock, Latin beats and, lastly, songs from your favorite classic movies of inspiration. As an aerobics instructor of over 30 years, it has been my experience to have gathered knowledge in picking uptempo, inspirational songs that have been used effectively in class routine settings time and time again.

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Our Top Shows

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The History of Our Station

Having 3 different companies: Rising Star Enterprises for Well-Being - fitness; Massagerific - massage; & Fantasy Football RSVP - American professional football commentary, it was the philosophy of its owner, Dean Curry, that he wanted to create an environment where everyone could go to 1 place & receive all the benefits of his 3 companies in 1 place and, have it, available for a running 24 hours straight, 7 days a week. Additionally,  there a 3 separate you-tube channels, Facebook pages, websites, Instagram & twitter pages along with running podcasts on 10 internet radio stations on health, fitness and sports commentary on itunes, spotify, google play music, tunein and more.

It became essential at this point to develop a platform whereby individuals can receive all the incredible benefits of this exceptional service under one umbrella. Hence, this is how Uptempo Sports Fitness Radio,"USFR" was born.


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